#powerbi – Switching a report from one PowerBI dataset to another PowerBI dataset

At the Power BI world tour in Copenhagen last week I was asked how to change a Power BI report’s connection from a dataset in the service – for instance if you have a test workspace and then want to move the report to a production workspace.

I started to refer to my previous blogpost – https://eriksvensen.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/how-to-change-the-powerbi-desktop-file-connection-from-data-model-to-a-power-bi-service-dataset-or-azureas/ – but when using this hack it won’t work.

So we have to do it in another way and it is quite simple – one important thing is of course that the dataset has the same dimensions and measures – otherwise some of your visualisations will show an error.

When we create the report we can select a Dataset from the service

When we save the report it will automatically be saved in the workspace where the dataset resides.

But how can we change it –

If you go to Edit Queries

You can click Data source settings – then we will get the option to pick a dataset from another workspace

And then you just pick the dataset you want to use.

When you save the report now – the report will be saved in the workspace where the selected dataset resides.

Hope this can help you as well – and if so give this post a like

10 thoughts on “#powerbi – Switching a report from one PowerBI dataset to another PowerBI dataset

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  2. any options for those of us using BI Online exclusively? I cannot even copy the report to change the dataset. It appears that once a report is created in BI Online, you have no options to change or even add a data set. I spend way too much time recreating report visuals.

    1. No that is not possible – I do believe there is an idea on ideas.powerbi.com about this. If you cant download the report as a pbix – you might try to use powershell to copy the report to another workspace – in some cases that might give you the option to download the report from the destination workspace

    2. Hi Jeanne/Erik, I have same issue – report /visuals built directly in Power BI service based on dataset in My workspace. I am running into problems sharing with other users when transitioning to premium. I can save copy of report to different workspace but not able to move/change dataset to premium. Is there any known solution to this? Having to rebuild all visuals is extensive and not a good option.

      1. Hi Bjorn, You can only do this in the desktop or via the Power BI API.

        In the desktop you download the pbix file and under transform data you can change the connection to the PBI dataset.

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