#PowerBI – Adding a vertical bar to your slicer

Yesterday I worked on a Power BI report where the client wanted to add vertical bar next to the slicer in order to make the design of the slicers a little bit nicer and also to make the slicers recognizable cross pages by using the same coloring.

My first choice was to use a shape and group it together with the slicer

But there is an easier way.

Use the Shadow properties of the slicer.

If you choose the Custom Position

You set the

Size to 0 px

Blur to 0 px

Angle to 180 (if you want the bar to the right of the slicer you can specify 0)

Distance 10 px (determines the width of the bar)

Transparency 0 px

These settings will set the slicer to look like this

And you avoid having shapes and grouping on your page

If you change the slicer to a tile or vertical list the bar will also be there

Hope you find this useful.

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