Quick #PowerQuery trick – Get duration days between two dates

Just a quick tip that you might not be aware of in the Power Query Editor.

If you select two columns in the view and on the Add Column tab, select the Date button – you can select to Subtract Days

This will give you the number of days between the dates in the selected columns

Use the formula bar to rename the new column by modifying the step


Hope this can help you too –

8 thoughts on “Quick #PowerQuery trick – Get duration days between two dates

  1. Hi – interesting – is there a reason you wouldn’t use datediff function? I’m asking as when i use datediff against redshift database it gives me some rows correct and others a big negative number. If i use your method it does seem to correctly calculate. i wonder if there’s an issue with datediff. thanks!

  2. Hi Erik, I have the same Question as Patrick. What i’d only like to see the Workdays (No holidays, no weekenddays) between the two columns?

    1. Hi Steve

      Do you have a dates table that has columns containing weekday number and an indication of the date is a holiday ?

      If you have then you can add a calculated column that contains a formula something like this Table.Rowcount(table.selectrows(datetable, each
      [date] >= [StartDate] and [date] <= [enddate] and [weekday] <=5 and [Holiday] = false))

      Answering via phone so no M intellisense 🙂


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