#PowerBI Convert all Power BI links in Power Point to images

Yesterday I posted an image of some PowerPoint VBA code on LinkedIn and Twitter and a lot of people have asked for a copy of the code.

So I have made a Power Point file with the code included and a small instruction on how to use it.

The code has been changed compared to the posted image as it ran to fast for Power Point – so I added a pause in the code to wait 1 second for each conversion.

The Code

Sub ConvertAllPBIToImages()
Dim x As Slide
Dim shp As Shape

Dim sShapes As Shapes

'Loop through all the slides
For Each x In ActivePresentation.Slides

    'Loop through all the shapes on the slide
    For Each shp In x.Shapes

        'Is it a Power BI App - Report
        If shp.Title = "Microsoft Power BI" Then

            'Inserted to make sure as the code sometimes runs
            'a bit to fast for Power Point
            WAIT = Timer
            While Timer < WAIT + 2
               DoEvents  'do nothing


            Set sShapes = x.Shapes

            x.Shapes.PasteSpecial ppPasteBitmap


        End If

End Sub

Here is a link to a file with the code.


Hope you find it useful.