Installing the #PowerBI Desktop from the Windows Store – with a few surprises

At Ignite it has just been announced that the Power BI Desktop now can be downloaded via the Windows Store meaning that desktop will update automatically – and that is great news.

Announcement in the middle of this post –

But here is what I noticed when installing the app from the store (link)

My desktop before installing – and I have updated as soon as the September release was ready and not after that.

So my version was 2.50.489.502

Then I went to the store and found the Power BI Desktop app

This gave me a new app but it didn’t replace my existing app – and as my language was set to Danish I got a Danish version – – we will fix that later – read on

Notice the version – is now 2.50.4859.781 – arhh new version number.

Then I decided to check the “old” place to download the desktop –

And found that the latest version here is


So, a build later than the store App …. Hmmm…

Old version to the left and Store App to the right.

And now I have 2 app’s in my start menu – the folder contains the “old” manually installed Power BI Desktop


When opening files and you haven’t uninstalled the “old” version you will be prompted to choose which application you want to open the file with


The one with the smaller Power BI desktop is the Windows Store App.

I think I will continue to have both applications installed and see what happens the next couple of weeks – especially until the October release

PS – by installing English (United Kingdom) language package I got my Power BI Desktop “App” to run in English instead of Danish 🙂


2 thoughts on “Installing the #PowerBI Desktop from the Windows Store – with a few surprises

  1. Hi Erik,
    Great overview. One question though regarding language in Power BI Desktop Windows store app. What do you mean by “installing English language pack”? I have found this on Microsoft website:
    and it works. But it changes a language for all other apps, Windows… Did you do something else? I would like to change language for Power BI Destop App only.
    Thank you.

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