Speaking at SQL Saturday #588 NYC #SQLSATNYC

I still hasn’t really sunk completely in but I have been selected as a speaker at SQL Saturday #588 in New York.

The session line up is amazing and with a lot of Power BI celebs – both Adam Saxton and Patrick Leblanc are speaking as well – so I fell a little nervous but extremely proud

My session is called “Power Query – Don’t be afraid of the advanced editor” and will be about how you can make your Power Queries do even more and make them more dynamic and flexible. This can be done by knowing the M language a lit bit better and use it in ways you perhaps hadn’t thought of before.

I will show some of the cases and examples where the interface in the query editor wasn’t capable of solving my problems but using the advanced editor could.

So, join me on a ride into the advanced editor and hopefully I can teach you how to

  • Use variables in M
  • Refer to other queries and columns
  • Make a dynamic date table
  • Handle different number of columns in your datafiles
  • Handle different headers in your datafiles
  • Discover some of the hidden parameters in the M commands


Read about the event here – http://www.sqlsaturday.com/588/eventhome.aspx



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