Inserting a picture/logo using the Power BI online designer #PowerBI

When you design reports in PowerBI using the online designer and not the Power BI Desktop designer you will notice that you cannot insert a picture via the interface.

With the development speed of PowerBI we will properly get it soon – but until that you might be find this workaround to do it via the datamodel interesting.

Let us switch to the Power BI Desktop designer and open a new report to create a datamodel we can publish to PowerBI.

Inspired by Chris Webb on how to create a table using M – (link) I have created a list of pictures using the #table statement

And this gives me a table with a number of Power BI celebrities J and a link to their twitter picture.

Now set the column ImageURL Category to Image URL

Now I can save the Desktop file and publish this to Power BI.

And now you can use the table or matrix and insert the ImageURL field on to your canvas.

Remember to use the Visual level filters to pick the image you want.








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