US Open leaderboard 2015 in Microsoft Power BI Preview #Powerbi

Here a few hours before the second round of the US Open begins – I decided to try to make a live dashboard in Power BI – and even though the “live” might be a questionable – it was quite easy – but will get back to the “live” later on

Here is the result – Notice that after round 1 no players from England is under par.


I was actually quite easy – Start the Power BI designer – (download here)

The leaderboard – is used as a data from the Web.


Then a number of transformations, replaces and extra columns – I ended up with a clean table like this

Then I created some visualizations in the Report area


Saved the file locally and uploaded it to my Power BI account – via Get Data

Then we can create a new dashboard and start to add elements from the report to the dashboard.


The live issue


You can set a web datasource in Power BI to do a scheduled refresh

but the schedule can only be daily and you have to specify the credential type – in this case Anonymous


So unfortunately it won’t refresh every 5 min as the web leaderboard does L – If you use the Power BI API you can properly get around this but using these tools you have to do it manually via the refresh button for the Dataset


And now


You can QA the data as well if you activate the feature on the dashboard


And voila





Pretty fun to analyze the data now.

You can download a copy of the Power BI Designer here





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