Use Power View report exported from SharePoint in Excel – #excel #powerview

One of the nice features of Power View on SharePoint is the ability to export the report to PowerPoint and maintain the possibility to interact with the report directly in Power Point.

However, one interesting thing is that you can actually copy this functionality to Excel and interact with the Power View report in Excel.

Here is how you do it

Select the report section in the PowerPoint presentation you want in Excel


Right click the object and select Copy


And switch to Excel and paste the object into to the sheet you want the dashboard.

And the dashboard directly in Excel – 🙂

The object can be manipulated if you switch to the Developer tab and enter Design mode and select the properties of the object


Notice the InitParams property – If you change the AllowSectionNavigation from False to True – This will give you the Navigation arrows at the bottom on the object and the user can switch between the sections.

You might have to close and reopen the workbook to see the change.





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