The Power Query update for August is late ? #powerbi

The updates to Power Query has a monthly update cycle and I decided to see if I could use Power Query and Power View to analyze when to be ready at to be the first to tweet the news.

So by using the RSS feed as an XML table in Power Query – I was able to create a power pivot model and visualize it with Power View in Excel.

Here is what I discovered about the latest 25 blog posts from the Power BI team.

  • Expect the blog post to turn up at 16:00 GMT
  • Don’t expect a blog post on a Friday – there is a much better change on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Expect the update to Power Query to be at the end of the month J

You can download the model here – and make let’s keep our fingers crossed for yet an update to Power Query – hopefully arriving at 16:00 GMT today – J

2 thoughts on “The Power Query update for August is late ? #powerbi

  1. Patience. All good things come to those who wait! I wonder what is install for us? The release of the DMG could be classified as an update? That was quite a step forward with that release!

    1. 🙂 – totally agree – but after 3 month of consecutive update we have been totally spoiled ..

      And the DMG update is really a huge step forward but not in the core Power Query tool.

      BR Erik

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