#PowerPivot Tip – Set the default number format for a measure in your Power Pivot model

When you are creating measures in your Excel Power Pivot model you can do yourself a great favor if you first set the number format on the column in the data table.

In this example I have a SalesUnits column that is a decimal number and has set the format to General – which is the default.

When I click the Autosum button in the task pane to create a measure or enter the formula manually the number format will also be set to general.

But I want the number format to include a thousand separator and no decimals which means I have to format both measures manually.

If I set the format on the column before I start creating measures – in this case format Sales Units

OBS!!! This only works if you use the AutoSum button.

So if you want to create measures with CALCULATE etc. start by clicking the AutoSum – and then modify the measure and you have the number format in place.

Hope this can help you.







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