Using Power BI to enrich your data using public datasets – part 1

Yesterday I presented at a LinkedIn group – Microsoft BI Professionals Denmark a session about how you can use Power Query to enrich your datamodels using public datasets.

My demo contained examples on how to use the API from Statistics Denmark link – to extract all sorts of information about Denmark directly into your datamodel and how you can use the public dataservice to do a reverse look up of Danish regions, municipalities from a specific lat/long coordinate.

You can download my demo files from here.

The presentation – Link

The Excel file – Link

I will create a Part 2 of this post where I will go through the steps of getting the data from Statistics Denmark into your model.

4 thoughts on “Using Power BI to enrich your data using public datasets – part 1

  1. Tak for et rigtig godt indlæg i går! Cool at se de mere avancerede måder at konvertere data fra danske datakilder!

  2. Hentet din Excel-fil, og fik en fejl i ‘Kommune’-kollonen. Jeg tilføjet en ‘/’ forran kommune i FILTERXML kommandoen, og det hjalp:


    (oprindelig var der “/kommune/navn”)

    1. Hi,

      I can make it work both with one and two // – but I do experience #Value error sometimes but an autofilter on those values – makes it look up again and the problem is solved.


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