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October 6, 2013 / Erik Svensen

How to easily limit the number of rows in your Excel Power Pivot model

I am currently working with an Excel Power Pivot model with about 20+ million rows in the model, and as there are a lot of Excel reports in the model and some of the calculated fields are pretty complex it takes some time when I move calculated fields, format them or change them.

The model retrieves data from a SQL database so the table queries are either Stored Procedures or handwritten SQL statements.

So in order to quickly reduce the number of rows in my biggest fact table I have added


Before my in this case Stored Procedure

And it validates


And after saving and thereby and update – I only have 2000 rows in my fact table

And then when I need the full dataset I use

/* statement */ to turn it into a comment


By the way use the /**/ to add comments to your queries so you create short description on what your query is intended to do.


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  1. milhouse77bs / Nov 1 2013 6:10 pm

    in DB2, you add “FETCH FIRST 1000 ROWS ONLY” at the end of the SQL SELECT.

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