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March 4, 2013 / Erik Svensen

Using Data explorer and PowerPivot to analyze your hard drive

Microsoft has released a preview version of “Data explorer” for Excel – link and it contains a lot possibilities for enhancing the self-service BI experience.

One of the features is the possibility to Import from folder that when followed “normally” can combine/merge multiple files into one table.


Then you can specify the folder

The first step will then give you a list of the files in the folder but also the subfolders in the specified folder.

Then I added the size of the file by clicking the “Attribute” header you can pick from the different file attributes.


Then I clicked “Done” icon and when returned to Excel I chose to load the data in Excel but also to add it the workbook data model.


In PowerPivot – I then added calculated columns to calculate the Year, Mont, Day, Weekday and Hour of creation to be able to analyse the data.

And then it fairly simply to create and overview of when I actually created data on my C – drive


This can also be used to analyze folders on your network drives.

Really look forward to examine all the exciting possibilities in Data Explorer – looks very promising.









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