Project Crescent – Visualizing data

I have just played around with the latest tool in the MS Bi Stack – Project Crescent.

This is a visualization tool to present PowerPivot data either from Excel PowerPivot workbooks or from a tabular model stored on the SQL Server Analysis services – Denali.

So I decided to look for some data and “Danmarks Statistik” has a lot of it (

I downloaded a table containing the information for different work sections and number for

  • Hours worked
  • Jobs
  • Employees
  • Total Salery

I imported that into Excel 2010 and did some data preparation in order to prepare it for use in PowerPivot.

This data and supporting tables for areas and periods where then linked to the PowerPivot model.

And then I created a sample dashboard in Excel using the slicers, pivot table and a pivot chart.

Activating Crescent

This workbook is then saved to SharePoint, where integration with SQL Server Denali was enabled.

This gave me the opportunity to create a Crescent Report

Then I made this report

And the cool stuff is the time line in the scatter chart..

Check this video out J

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